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  • An introduction to the company

    An Introduction to the Company

    Development of Gilan electricity route Company was established on 14  Feb 2011  as a private joint stock company and has been registered in the Companies and Industrial Property Office of Tehran under number 397353.

      The main work of the company is the production and sale of electricity.

     It also purchases fuel required by power plants, carries out all commercial activities of other energy carriers, takes the necessary measures to improve productivity and develop the capacity of the power plant.

    This company is operating and selling electricity from 1,350 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant of Gilan.


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  • CEO

    Mr. Mahmood Ahmadian has been  CEO since 2011.

  • The combination of Shareholders and board members of the company

    The Combination of Shareholders and Board Members of the Company


    Name of shareholders

    Percentage of shares

    Representative on the Board of Directors





    Ghadir Electricity and Energy Investment Company


    Mahmoud Ahmdian

    CEO and Member


    Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company


    Ali Jalali




    SabaJam Kangan Oil and Gas Industrial Complex


    Amir Ashtiani Araghi




    Ghadir Investment Company


    Seyyed Faridedin Masoumi




    Ghadir Industrial and Trading Company


    Ali M,ohammad Nazarpor Kashani



    Floating Stock





  • Summary of the History and Current Status of the Power Plant

    Characteristics of Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant

    In order to develop the country's electricity network and following the studies that began in the planning office of Tavanir firm in1984 , the plan to build a combined cycle power plant with a nominal capacity of 1350 MW in the center of Gilan province was approved.

    Acceding to this , in 1927 , a 92 hectares of land at 15 km from Rasht was purchased from the lands of Rasht Industrial City ,35 hectares of which were allocated for the construction of a power plant.

     Subsequently, according to the contract concluded with the German company, Siemens , the construction of the power plant was planned in two phases, including the construction of six gas units in the first phase and three steam units in the second phase.

    In 2010, in order to implement the policies of Article 44 of the Constitution, of Gilan Power Plant was handed over to the private sector and to Development of Gilan Electricity Route Company.

    Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant is located at 15th km southeast of Rasht city, next to Rasht Industrial City and was established in september 1992.

    It is one of Iran's combined cycle power plants with a production capacity of 1305.6 MW, which includes six gas units of 143.2 MW model v94.2 and three steam units of 148.8 MW.

      Turbines of gas and steam units are manufactured by Siemens

    Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant as a first combined cycle power plant built in the country , it provide more than %2.5 of the country’s electricity.

     The main fuel of the units is natural gas and its backup fuel is gasoline, which is supplied through storage in five tanks, each with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters and the other three tanks with a total capacity of 154 million liters.

     Construction contract and implementation of Power Plant Units

    The contract for the construction of the power plant, which included the design , construction and the supply of the power plant equipment by the German company Siemens (KWU), was concluded in two phases.

    The first phase consisted of six gas units and the second phase consisted of three steam units was installed and became operational in a combined cycle.

    The contract of the first phase on was on June 11, 1989 and the contract of the second phase was on 14 August 1990, during which the equipment of each part of the contract had to be made within 32 months and transported to Gilan workshop.

     The construction of the power plant started in 1989 and the first gas unit was launched and put into operation in September 1992.

    With the completion of the second phase, the commercial operation of the plant with full capacity in the form of a combined cycle performed in1997.

    Power plant owner: Gilan poewr Route development Company

    Powerhouse exploiter: Gilan Power Management Company

    Generated electricity: In 2014, equivalent to 8681050 MWh (3.16 % of the total electricity generatedin the country ) the sixth largest power plant in the country Gilan Electricity Distribution Company is an OTC company and its shares are traded in the capital market with the symbol of Begilan.

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