Electricity is one of the energy sources with wide applications that are cleaner and more accessible than other sources.Hence, its use in the world is increasingly rising and currently, the fastest-growing energy consumption in the world is related to electricity. The electricity industry as an infrastructure and mother industry has an important role in the economic development and welfare of communities.

Electricity security is due to the possibility of using more modern technologies in producing and consumption of electricity along with environmental considerations in all areas of activity. As such it can be selected as appropriate energy.

Therefore, the growing electricity demand requires specialized management and the need for large investments in the electricity and energy industry.Lack of financial resources to make new investments commensurate with the growth of electricity consumption and financing the maintenance of existing facilities, the poor performance of government departments in managing this sector, and the consequent increase in production costs and supply of electricity required by the society has caused government’s approach towards privatization of the electricity industry.

Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company is a specialized parent company of Omid Investment Group in the field of the electricity industry in Iran and other countries in the region.

The company has an active and effective presence in the country with scientific management in investment and the implementation of industrial projects, technical-economic studies, and electricity trade.The company moves within the framework of national interests on the horizon of the 20-year vision of the country by international standards by using committed and specialized manpower, applying new technologies, and managing the professional investment.  Access to a 2% share of the country's power plant capacity and investment in electricity generation from renewable sources (solar energy, wind energy, etc.) is one of the most important medium-term goals of Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company.

 At present, this company has 1.2 % of the country's power plant capacity. Financial transparency is one of the most important characteristics that should be considered in Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company, and in this regard, entering the stock market is on the agenda. 

Using the funds of the National Development Fund and foreign financing & concluding BOT Foreign exchange contracts are the most basic strategies that should be used in the construction of power plants.