Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company was established on 29th Oct, 2011 as a special joint stock company and has been registered in Tehran General Office of Companies and Industrial Property under number 417373 and national ID 103206888781. The main center of the company is located in No. 2, 2nd floor, corner of Isaar Alley-3 Taheri St. Africa Blvd, Tehran and postal code is 1966814161.

Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company (Private Joint-Stock) is one of the subsidiaries of Omid Investment Management Group (Public Joint-Stock).

 Subject of activity

The subject of the company's activity according to Article 2 of the Articles of Association is management, investment and participation in all industrial projects of electricity and energy, transit and conducting transactions and technical, economic and financial studies in the field of electricity and energy.

 Industry introduction

The main and important indicators of the electricity industry in the fifth and sixth economic development plans of the country in the electricity and energy industry have received more attention. Operation of new facilities Due to the growth of electricity demand in the country, coordinating them with the existing facilities and improving the quality of operation and service to customers and optimizing the costs of energy production using continuous advances in technical knowledge that requires much effort and investment. And all are on the horizon and agenda of the future of the electricity industry. Planning to increase the capacity of the country's electricity generation system in the coming years is based on the following policies:

1- Orientation towards the construction of combined cycle power plants and conversion of gas power plants into a combined cycle with high efficiency and less pollution, taking into account the advancement of technology and construction inside the equipment of this type of power plants.

2- Development and construction of new power plants using wind and solar energy sources with the least amount of environmental pollution

3- Creating a competitive environment and private sector participation in the construction of power plants using B.O.O, B.O.O.T methods and providing electricity produced in the electricity market

4- Increasing the storage coefficient of the production system and the reliability of the system from the current level and minimizing the incidence index of shutdowns;

According to the plans, it is expected that the capacity of installed power plants of the country (private or state-owned) to reach 74,000 MW by the end of 2015 Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company, due to having Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 1305 MW, shares of Urmia Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 1284 MW, Semnan Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 336 MW & Harris Combined Cycle Power Plant with 500 MW & Manjil wind power plant with 92.2   owns a % 1.2 share of the total power production of the country according to the nominal capacity of the country's power plants.

 In this regard, the company plans to reach ownership of a 2% share of the country's power production by the end of the Sixth Development Plan.

 This expectation is considering the investment of the company in the development plan of Urmia Combined Cycle Power Plant, construction of Sirjan Combined Cycle Power Plant, and other projects also.